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Keeping Children Safe

Risk assessments are completed from the host school where necessary; we also complete a risk assessment of all of our pupils when we have enough information about them (within their first month). This is updated on a termly basis as well as an assessment on the pupil’s personal / social /emotional and behavioural development. This enables the staff in school to take this into account when working with your child. These assessments are carried out by the pupil’s mentor and form tutors and other staff where appropriate. This information is shared with parents in the regular meetings we have with them.

At Broadwalk PRU we have daily handovers / briefings before and after the school day to discuss the pupils. Their daily points and behaviour is discussed on an individual basis and parents are contacted if there has been an issue or concern.

Some pupils are transported into the PRU and this is on a needs / distance from home basis. Pupils make their own way home unless it is on their EHC plan that transport is provided.

Bespoke arrangements can be made for individuals as well as the normal arrangements if it is deemed necessary and is part of their plan. For example if they need to have a reduced timetable where they come into school at a different time from the norm or if they access some alternative provision in addition to their lessons in school. This could be in a college or with the youth service.

Designated Safeguarding Lead

Broadwalk has a Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL) and a Deputy DSL.
The Designated Safeguarding Lead is: Olwyn Naylor
The Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead is: Laura Corr

Reporting a concern

Where staff have a concern about a child, they should continue to follow the process outlined in the school Safeguarding Policy.

Staff are reminded of the need to report any concern immediately and without

What arrangements will be made to supervise a child during breaks and lunchtimes?

The pupils in the PRU are supervised at breaks and lunchtimes, there are also opportunities to use the ICT room or play table tennis during these times. These activities can be accessed by all pupils providing they are behaving in an appropriate manner. When dry, there is also a range of outdoor sports equipment available such as footballs, cricket equipment and skipping ropes. These activities are all supervised onsite.

How do you ensure my child stays safe outside the classroom? (e.g. during PE lessons and school trips)

ff site activities such as trips and PE lessons are a well structured and important part of our curriculum. There is always at least 2 staff on a trip with a group of pupils (no more than 8). This is a guide and depends on the needs and risk assessment of the pupils, sometimes the staffing ratio is one to one if necessary. If a pupil is a high risk when offsite then they may not be appropriate for this to happen, in which case they will be educated in school during this time.

Where can parents find details of policies on bullying and safeguarding?

All our school policies are available to view and download on our Policies page.